How to Draw a Tribal Dragon

Tribal Dragon

So, you'd like to draw a tribal dragon?


It's going to be a lot of fun. And I say this with great enthusiasm, as not only when it comes to dragons - does creativity and imagination, reign supreme...

But also...

This particular style, a popular design-type for tattoos - leaves so many doors open, an infinite number of ways to make your drawing unique.


Please use this lesson as a guideline, for coming up with you very own unique drawings and tattoo designs.

Let's begin!

Learn How to Draw a Tribal Dragon

Drawing a tribal dragon, one that you may want to use for a tattoo design - it's all about style, silhouette, and simplicity.

Using a simple vertical line to begin, along with a curved "S-line" - establishing the core arc of our dragon's body...

Here's how it begins...

How to draw a tribal dragon framework

The head of our drawing, will be at the top left - end of the grey line.

The tail, will wrap around to the right - at the bottom of the grey line.

Next, let's add some more lines, to establish a bit of a guideline...

Next up...

Additional curved lines about a centerline for a tribal dragon drawing

OK. Looking pretty good.

With this particular tribal dragon, I'm only focusing on the head, body, tail, and wing - no arms or legs.

But please feel free to incorporate whichever extras you feel necessary.

Branch off as much as possible from the design laid out below. And remember, it's only a guideline.


More grey lines - and this is the structure, from which my final drawing - will be based upon...

Additional curved lines for creating a unique tribal dragon drawing


Switching over to black now - this drawing will only be two colors (black and white) - begin to mark in the head and neck area of your tribal dragon.

There are a zillion different combinations and forms to come up with - change the curves, points, etc. - to make a tattoo/picture, that's unique to you.

Like so...

Unique head design for a cartoon tribal dragon tattoo drawing

Fading our previous work out to grey, next - mark off some additional features of your dragon.

Below, you can see how I've carefully placed some horns, a tongue, and a few teeth.

Notice how simple these shapes are.

Do the same. BUT DON'T!!!


Details about the head of a unique tribal dragon cartoon drawing

More curved shapes - and you can see now, how we're only going for the *general idea* of what a dragon may look like.

Lines (shapes) broken up like this - really look great, especially when it comes to creating a simplistic tribal-looking tattoo design.

Here's how the body, along with part of the tail - is looking..

Curved lines along the body of a cartoon tribal dragon tattoo drawing

And so, just a few more things now.

Giving off the idea of wings - draw in some longer spikes, if you like.

And just a *hint more* detail - sketch in a few more shapes, in and around the body of your drawing - in whichever places you feel it's necessary.

Similar to this...

Long black spikes from the body of a unique tribal dragon drawing

And finally - bringing it all back to black, and even shading in the area where its wing skin may be...

Tribal dragon tattoo image

...and your tribal dragon drawing - is complete!

Come to think of it though, it actually looks great, minus the wing skin.

And more simplistic, too.


Well, there it is...

Hope you had fun with this lesson - and please keep online... more cartoon drawing lessons to come!