Cartoon Smurf Picture

Smurf picture cartoon image

Drawing a generic cartoon Smurf picture - one that you can 'convert' into any of the characters from the series with some well-placed details... is a snap - with the help of a simple framework.

The structure taken into account before-hand - helps to visualize the placement of key features... namely *its big white hat!

Let's get started!

Learn How to Draw a Smurf Picture

Beginning then - go ahead and map out (or just visualize) the structure of your soon-to-be character. Keep in mind - all of the Smurfs have relatively the same form. So really, it helps to work through the lesson first as is - then on your second time through - make it into Brainy, Papa, Joker... or even Smurfette! :-)

Here we go...

Simple framework for drawing a cartoon smurf

Using some different colors now - map out the hat area (looks like a halo!)... and the positioning of the hands...

Adding details to a simple cartoon smurf image

One eye - and the nose - as seen from this 3/4 turn view...

Drawing the eye and nose of a cartoon smurf

Purposely left a space between the eyes. Smurf eyes aren't connected like say - Garfield's. Moving on now with a big ear, and more of the head...

Continuing with the head of a cartoon smurf

Now add some details - a mouth, etc. - and bring the face/head of your Smurf into view...

Drawing a smurf picture - finishing the head

The hat falls perfectly into place - based around a hovering oval. Doesn't this shape help to map it all out! Pretty simple isn't it! Oh, and continue on with the right arm/hand...

Sketching the head and hand of the cartoon smurf picture

Next up, add some more curves - bringing the body/right foot into view...

Completing the body of a cartoon smurf picture

Now finish your Smurf picture off by sketching in the pant line - and in this case - a 'thumbs up'!...

Finished cartoon smurf drawing

Minus the framework and +color!...

Cartoon smurf picture
Smurf picture cartoon image

And other than this - you're done!

Now that you've completed this generic version of a Smurf - I recommend you tackle the lesson a second time - but stylize your drawing with details to transform it into a specific character from the series.

For example - glasses (Brainy), a beard +red (Popa), long yellow hair and a dress (Smurfette). Of course - there are lots of others too.

Hope you enjoyed the lesson!