How to Draw a Raptor Dinosaur

How to draw a raptor image

It's debatable... was the raptor the star of the Jurassic Park movies... or was it the T-Rex? Well, let's just agree -- it's a close one!

My favorite dinosaur has always been the T-Rex, but I've got to say... velociraptors are just as cool.

In the first of the three movies, one of the best parts was when Dr. Grant (Sam Neill's character) talks about raptors near the dig site, using the infamous 'velociraptor claw' as the perfect prop. This did a great job at foreshadowing what was soon to come.

In this dino drawing lesson, you'll learn how to draw a velociraptor of your very own - one you can customize to look however you like.

Let's begin!

First Step - A Perpendicular Raptor Framework

Going for the stealth-like hunting stance-look, it helps to base your drawing on a simple perpendicular arrangement of two lines. The body of your dinosaur will run horizontal, all the way to the tip of its tail. The head (in this case) will perk upright.

With this idea in mind, here's how to go about sketching out a simple framework...

Basic lines from which to draw a cartoon raptor
Circles to position a cartoon raptor drawing

As you can clearly see... it's really quite simple to get the bare bones of your framework down. The oval and circle above represent the head and body of your dinosaur.

Next, go ahead and use a couple more lines - again perpendicularly aligned... to map out the 'hanging' front arm as well as the large back leg...

Mapping out the structure and distance for a cartoon raptor image

At this point, you've got the perfect framework from which to draw a really cool-looking velociraptor.

Beginning with the face and head, let's continue...

Second Step - Draw the Face, and Connect the Head to the Body

Keeping with the 'cartoony' nature of this lesson, draw in some simple, well-placed lines to bring both the face and head of your velociraptor into view.

In two phases, here's how mine looks...

Drawing the head of a cartoon raptor Completing the head of a cartoon raptor drawing

In your case, don't hesitate to change things around a bit. Change the position of the eye, the shape of the head, or if you like... have the mouth of your dinosaur closed as opposed to open. Get creative!

And when you're all finished the head -- it's on to drawing the body...

Third Step - Draw the Body of Your Velociraptor

OK, time now to draw the body of this velociraptor. And using the examples below... you can clearly see that it makes sense to begin with the back & tail, and then work your way down to the limbs and belly.

Here's how it comes together...

Drawing the back and tail of a cartoon raptor
Completing the full body of a cartoon raptor drawing

Looking at the limbs of my dinosaur, you should find it helpful for ideas to draw and shape yours. Just keep in mind... it's OK if they don't look exactly like the ones I've drawn. Experiment off to the side and see if you can come up with your own unique raptor-like limbs.

Just about finished now... time for the details!

Cartoon raptor dinosaur image

Final Step - Add Detail!

This is by far the best part of the drawing lesson. Why? Well, raptors have distinct features that when applied to a drawing - make it stand out from other dinosaurs.

First up... give your dinosaur a 'slit-like' eye... similar to that of a cat's. Gives it that 'sneaky hunter look' we're aiming for!

And next - aside from the mouth, teeth, etc., you've got to give your raptor its trademark 'bird-like' talons! After all... it's this very feature that gives the dinosaur its name. Veloci'RAPTOR' of course is referring to 'bird of prey' and it's believed by some that these dinosaurs did in fact evolve from birds. Neat stuff!

Ok - there it is. You're done. And a very good job at that!