How to Draw Santa Claus

How to draw Santa Claus image

Learning how to draw Santa - in my opinion - is especially easy with respect to cartoon people. As we know, people can be difficult to draw. But, when we take clothing into account - it's possible to create 'short cuts' - making the process all the more simple.

Of course - it's best to learn and absorb all you can when it comes to drawing. When all is said and drawn - there aren't any shortcuts to true development through practice and repetition. But for a quick and simple likeness to Saint Nick... this lesson helps to pave the way for you.

So then, let's get started!

First Step - Symmetrical Framework to Help Visualize

Knowing that Santa is heavy set, we can map out the form of his body using a simple circles. The big round one below helps to form a more 'pear shaped' body type - much the same as he is usually depicted.

Here are some examples to help...

How to draw Santa - two circle framework How to draw Santa - cross-like framework How to draw Santa - continuing with the framework How to draw Santa - marking off the framework

The main reason for why I say that drawing Santa can actually be easier than drawing other people, is due to his simple-shaped clothing and beard. With the orange shapes above, I've marked off all of the white 'cloud-like' areas that compose much of his physical appearance. And for sure... drawing simple fluffy clouds (if you so choose to go with this style) - is easy! :-)

Let's draw!

Second Step - How to Draw Santa, Step by Step

Over a fainter framework, follow along below to create a simple homage of your own. Again, the framework can either be used as a guideline to help you move forward... or it can help to map out the form in your mind as you move from one area of the drawing to the next.

It may just be that you switch up the order by which you draw certain parts. If so - awesome... good for you! Mix it up. Stylize him in your own unique way. Taller, shorter, wider, skinnier... longer beard... bigger eyes... holding a bell or a sack of toys. Have fun and get creative!

How to draw Santa - drawing his face How to draw Santa - drawing his beard How to draw Santa - drawing the white fluff How to draw Santa - drawing his belt buckle How to draw Santa - drawing his hands How to draw Santa - drawing his belt How to draw Santa - drawing his coat How to draw Santa - drawing his legs How to draw Santa cartoon image How to draw Santa cartoon drawing image

At the very last stroke of your pen, pencil or pencil crayon - the finished result MAY just be like the one you see above. And of course - it also MAY not!

Really, it's all about you taking the plunge into the unknown - something that doesn't yet exist either while thinking about what your going to create, or the very things your about to on paper.

It's all about trying new things and being creative. I repeat myself... I know. But just can't stress it enough! :-)

Hope you enjoyed the lesson.