How to Draw a Vampire

How to draw a vampire cartoon

Learning how to draw a vampire - a traditional looking one anyways... is something we tackled earlier on in the 'Old School' lesson from before. Here, I'd like to take a different approach to drawing this famous monster - and make it all the more unique!

It's my hope that in working through this lesson, you can 'imagine up' a unique vampire look of your own.

Alright then, let's get on with it!

First Step - A Very Simple Framework for a Complex Drawing

If it helps - use the following framework to help you establish proportion and structure in your drawing before you place the actual lines.

Here it is...

A simple vampire drawing framework A framework for drawing a cartoon vampire

Really - you can't get much simpler than this. Sure - it's a stick person, but for allowing you to focus more so on the creative aspect of the drawing, it's a wonderful little 'tool' to help you out.

OK - let's get super creative now - and DRAW!

Second Step - Draw a Unique Vampire

Pulling out all the stops - this is an opportunityto well - 'let go' - and really tap into that creative side of yourself. We all know what vampires are usually supposed to look like. So, see if you can put a spin on this, and design something completely different.

In an 'imagine on the fly' sort of approach - here's the monster that I came up with...

Drawing the face of a cartoon vampire Drawing the head of a cartoon vampire Drawing the vampire's hair Drawing the vampire's shirt Drawing the vampire's clothing Drawing the vampire's hands How to draw a vampire's arms Draw the vampire's pants Black and white drawing of vampire Cartoon drawing of a vampire

In the end - I'd say the finished result has sort of a 'Bram Stoker/Anime' sort of feel to it. How about yours? Does it look anything like this? If so - nice work! If not - equally nice work!! Different is good!

Now wouldn't this make an awesome Halloween costume!?