How to Draw a Turtle... of the Sea!

How to draw a turtle cartoon

Previously on the site, we learned how to draw a turtle - simple, symmetrical... cute! :-) And during this lesson, I did mention doing another one some time down the road... one that lives in the sea.

Well, now's the time for this second lesson. Let's get started!

First Step - Circles and Ovals Help to Visualize our Subject

Swimming - angled - at a 3/4 tilt, drawing this animal is not necessarily difficult... but does require a bit of thinking ahead of time, in order to best put forth the lines to bring it into view. Even if you don't use a framework, a simple "Stop and Look" - is well worth the while. Feeds the imagination!

Here's the structure...

Framework for drawing a cartoon turtle
Sectioning off the turtle framework
Finalizing the framework to draw a cartoon turtle

If you look at the shell - it almost looks like the ball used in a game of rugby. We know it doesn't really take on this shape... but tilted, angled and with movement toward the back (and away) from the head... this is a pretty good starting point in helping you best materialize those lines.

And speaking of lines...

Second Step - How to Draw a Turtle, Step by Step

Given the structure at hand, and seeing that the head of the turtle is in fact the foremost part of the picture - first connecting with the view path of the observer --- it only makes sense to draw it first, beginning with the left eye.

Here's how it all pans out...

How to draw a turtle's eye
How to draw a turtle's head
Drawing the head of a cartoon turtle
Drawing the shell of a cartoon turtle
Drawing the flipper of a cartoon turtle
Drawing the turtle's back flipper
Black and white drawing of a turtle
Drawing of a cartoon sea turtle

Ah yes - easily one of the cutest and loved creatures of the sea. There's a certain grace experienced when viewing one of these animals - gliding through the ocean.

Well I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. And further more, I hope you found it useful in creating a unique variation of your own imagination.

Keep on drawing !!!