How to Draw a Snake

How to draw a snake cartoon

Afraid of serpents!? Meh... here - learning how to draw a snake --- a very cute one at that, will hopefully tilt this feeling in the other direction. But if anything - you'll at least be able to draw one!

Here - tapping into that creative part of the brain... I've combined a coral variety with a rattle variety - and then... gone on to simplify it and make it extra 'cartoony' and cute.

Hope you like it! :-)

First Step - Easy Peezy... Not Much to Its Structure at All!

If you can draw a circle and line - and I know you can!!... then this is probably one of the easiest things you'll ever draw. Of course, even with the structure down, there are many twists, turns, tips, tricks - to make your drawing unique.

The framework...

How to draw a snake framework How to draw a snake framework with tail

Oh, and remember --- just because I've got mine curved around and in this particular position... doesn't necessarily mean you should do the same. Experiment a bit here... have your snake curved like an 'S' - coiled (like in a previous lesson)... or draping from a branch.

Let go and make it happen!

Second Step - How to Draw a Snake

At a 3/4 view - beginning with the left eye, and then developing from there --- is a good way to go about this lesson. These images are here to help you visualize and create a cute little serpent of your own.

This should give you some ideas!...

How to draw a snake eye How to draw a snake head How to draw a snake body How to draw a snake rattle Drawing the rattle of the cartoon snake Completing the drawing of a snake Black and white drawing of a snake Cartoon drawing of a snake

Pretty neat --- the colors really help to distinguish JUST WHAT kind of snake this is. Of course - this is one I totally made up!

You could do a lot more though - with less of course. Try a fan like formation on either side of its head to make your animal a Cobra. Or... color it bright green with some electric blue markings and you've got one of those awesome looking Emerald Tree Boas.

Ssssssssssssssssssssssssssee you again real soon! :-)