Cave Troll Drawing Lesson

Cave troll cartoon image

Cave Troll !!! Wasn't that the coolest scene ever - the one if the first part of Tolkien's legendary trilogy - Fellowship of the Ring (book and movie!) - when this monster is first encountered!? Just awesome.

Of course - this beast of Middle Earth is supposed to be mean. Here - I've kept to this look for the most part... but veering into the 'cartoon' world - just had to put my own *almost cute* sort of spin on things.

I recommend you do the same... make it uniquely yours! :-)

How to Draw a Cave Troll from Lord of the Rings

Large arcing hunchback, huge 'gorilla-like' arms... here I've accounted for those particular features that make this monster take on the desired look we're aiming for. It's not *exactly* the same to the one in the movie by any means - but for sure - it's a likeness.

Here's what we've got...

Framework for drawing a cave troll

So yes - just something to keep us on the straight and narrow in the beginning. In mind or on paper - these shapes help to cement a visual of which you'll very soon - manifest.

The beginnings of a neat-looking cartoon cave troll face!...

Drawing the eyes and mouth of the cave troll

So yes - in that 'animeish' sort of way - here we can see how bigger eyes give an otherwise mean-looking creature, a bit of a cuter take. I don't know - what do you think?

A big happy smile could really brighten it up - give it a go if you like!

Completing the head of the cave troll

Carefully placing key lines, complete the face of your troll - and then - move on to the chest and left arm...

Drawing the body and arm of the cave troll

Little spikes and other details along the way - have fun as you slowly bring forth a version of this monster which best suits your own respectful perception of it. Remember - this doesn't have to be THAT much like the one in the movie.

Even there - Peter Jackson and crew had to come up with a look based on the book. Imagination and creativity truly are a wonderful combo!

As we know... :-)

Drawing the cave troll's left arm

Moving along - here we've got some burlap/cloth-like wraps around his wrists - a pattern we'll keep to in other areas soon-to-come.

Drawing the back and horns of the cave troll

Next - it's up to the 'holding hand' - fist actually. Does that circle help? It sure does help to place where EXACTLY the hand should go in relation to its head and arm - something you of course planned from the very beginning... nice!


Drawing the right hand of the cave troll

Bringing it down to the bottom now - some more cloth and some more lines - and of course - do it YOUR way. :-)

Drawing the pelvic region of the cave troll

Looking random with the way the lines go down. And this is good! How about yours? Having fun with this lesson??? Really - this was a fun one to create.

Loved the movies so much (the books as well of course) - that being able to put my own spin on this character in particular - truly was a pleasure.

Drawing the legs of the cartoon cave troll

Out to the toes to complete the feet now - and then... give your cartoon cave troll a giant trollish-looking weapon. Mine's sort of a cross between a club and a baseball bat - in your case - how about a war hammer!? Spear! Nunchucks!?!?!?!

Giving the cave troll a club for a weapon

Detailed such that we can apply two different shapes of grey with ease - here's a final version, just prior to the color...

Black and white drawing of a cartoon cave troll

Nice-looking cave troll! And the color...

Drawing of a cartoon cave troll from Lord of the Rings

Yes - there it is! Wow - I'm especially loving the face. Mean with that club, spikes, huge frame and all - but he almost looks a bit frightened. Not something you'd expect from one of these guys - that's for sure.

I'm going to start a new 'Lord of the Rings' themed section pretty soon - so until then - the following link directs you back to the home page.

Hope you had fun! :-)