How to Draw a Cartoon Walrus

Cartoon walrus image

Well, here in this lesson - drawing a cartoon walrus - I'd like to start things off as usual, by sketching out a simple framework of basic shapes.

Then, just as we usually would - work through the steps, gradually building up your character, line by line.

And please - don't forget!... this tutorial should only serve as an example for ideas. Of course, you can copy things exactly if you like - but truly... the real progress will be seen, when you can branch out and begin creating animal characters of your own design.

And so, let's get going!

How to Draw a Cartoon Walrus Step by Step

Something to note right away when drawing a walrus - is the shape of it's body.

Like with anything we intend to draw - it should be noted that we can always simplify things - animals, people, objects, etc. - into a an assortment of basic shapes... the very building blocks for our drawing!

So yes, with this particular creature then - notice below, how I've come up with a series of simple circles and ovals.

The overlap - to depict its various parts - head, body, and even the start of its tail...

Circles fro drawing a cartoon walrus

Another look - and we can begin to see how these shapes play a role in defining the form of our cartoon walrus character.

Can you visualize (in 3D perhaps?) - how the snout is closer to us then the back of head - and also...

How the chest/body area appear to be closer than the tail area going back?

Amazing what we can achieve with simple overlap!

Overlapping circles to draw a cartoon walrus

Building up a simple framework then - here it is again... this time with a few additional details... lines to help us better identify before-hand, those key parts that will make our cartoon character actually *look like* a walrus.

Yup - you guessed it - tusks and flippers are key!

A detailed framework for drawing a simple cartoon walrus

OK, so moving forward then...

Let's go ahead and start drawing this soon-to-be funny looking cartoon walrus character, starting with the snout area, and also - the left eye and eyebrow.

Here's how it looks...

Drawing the eye and snout of the cartoon walrus

And next - fading what we just drew out to grey...

Let's go ahead now, and move on down and around the right side of the neck and body - drawing in three simple overlapping lines... ones that really help to give this drawing early on - a nice sense of dimension.

Can you imagine if we just drew one curved line around the perimeter? Right! It just wouldn't have the same depth effect - like this...

Drawing the lower head of the cartoon walrus

OK - and moving around the drawing now (logically - you're going to do this the way YOU think it's best - there's no one/right way!)...

Go ahead and place a few more key lines - those which help bring forward the tusks, part of the chest and arm/flipper... and even a few more head details.

And yeah - notice how it really is a matter of sequence!?

I mean - you 'could' but probably shouldn't -- draw the tusks last. They appear closer to the observer... so yes - draw them early!!!

Drawing more details of the cartoon walrus

Look at the size of its other eye - smaller! We know this of course, because tilting in a perceived space... the head of our cartoon walrus is such that the left part is closer to us, which makes the right side (and eye) - slightly smaller.

If you don't understand this, that's OK. Just try to get it close to what I've got here - through lots of practice... IT WILL COME! :-)

Drawign the eye, flippers and tail of the walrus

So here we go - just about finished our cartoon walrus now... and yes - go ahead and add those last little details to make our drawing complete.

Eye and flippers...

Finishing touches for drawing a simple walrus

Oh cool - so here's what it looks like, minus the framework - just lineart...

Black and white drawing of a walrus

Finally - getting savvy with some color now - here's how our cartoon animal character looks with a splash of color...

Cartoon drawing of a walrus

Haha, nice!

See what I mean... doesn't it resemble - even just a tiny bit, like a pug?

Funny. Well, hope you had fun with this lesson. And you know - you actually relay what we did here over to something like a sea lion or a seal - same body type... very similar principles with respect to drawing.

And there it is - a cartoon walrus!