How to Draw Cartoon Vegetables

Cartoon vegetables - similar to cartoon fruit, is another popular subject with respect to drawing simple cartoons.

Here, let's tackle all sorts of different kinds - everything from carrots - to corn - to cucumbers! :-)

And tomatoes!?

Well, it's actually classified as a fruit.

But even still... I'll put that lesson here along with mushrooms too - as both are often eaten alongside - or mixed within other vegetables.

Just like many lessons here on the site - these lessons will be simplified so you can most easily grasp and reproduce the subject in your own unique way.

A carrot for example - is simplified as two triangles.

Cartoon Vegetables

Can you visualize this?

Quite simply, the orange part - is a long skinny triangle, pointing downward...

And then, stacked right on top - is just that, "the top" - also taking on the shape of a downward pointing triangle.

Get into the habit of breaking things down in your head, BEFORE you go and sketch something out.

It's incredible how literally anything and everything - yes, cartoon vegetables included...

Can be broken down into a simple arrangement of basic shapes.

And with that...

Let's get drawing! :-)

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