How to Draw a Cartoon TV

Cartoon tv drawing

Drawing a cartoon TV is very similar to any other 'household appliance' in that they are boxy - so very easy to create on paper. Really, all we're looking at here is a couple rectangles, and then whatever else you'd like to add to make it uniquely yours.

This lesson's fun in that when you're all done - you can go ahead and 'draw in' your favorite TV show!

Let's begin...

First Step - Draw a Framework for Your TV

Nice and simple, begin your drawing with a centerline, along with an centrally positioned rectangle - just as I've drawn in the examples below.

Like this...

Framework for drawing a cartoon tv
Drawing the details of a cartoon tv

The base and button of the television - as indicated by a line and a circle are easy to sketch in. Remember, feel free to add various parts as you like. After all...this is your drawing!

Now let's draw it!

Second Step - Draw Your Television

Framework in place, now go ahead and draw over your lines - simple rectangles, just like in the framework. Of course, this lesson is simple enough that you can go straight to this step if you like. But as always - I like to give you all the details - so either way - it's there if you need it.

Here's how to draw it...

Drawing the outline of a cartoon tv
Drawing the base of a cartoon tv
Drawing the connecting part of a cartoon tv
Completing the base of a cartoon tv

Once finished, get rid off all your lightly sketched framework lines with a good eraser. And then, go ahead and color it - or even better... save the coloring for last - after you add in a drawing of your favorite show. Spongebob? Transformers!? Whichever!!

And that's how to draw a simple cartoon TV. :-)