How to Draw Cartoon T Shirts

Cartoon t shirts drawing

Cartoon t shirts - yes - and then when you're all done... complete with a cool new design that you come up with!

This lesson will be helpful to you, especially if you're looking to try out different designs, logos, etc. - something you might want to sport on a piece of clothing.

Then again - it'll also help you draw a t-shirt... perhaps for a cartoon character to wear!?

Let's get started!

First Step - Drawing a Simple T Shirt Framework

About a cross or 'small t' - here's a simple way to go about mapping out the design of your clothing. Notice in the middle - the green circle. I added this, as it marks off the general area, where some design/logo would usually go.

Here it is...

Framework for drawing cartoon t shirts
Drawing a framework for cartoon t shirts

Ummm - NO! That doesn't look at all like a shirt! Very true... but - it can be very helpful for mapping out the shape of it ahead of time. Even if you don't sketch it out... lightly underneath your permanent lines... you can certainly make a mental map.

OK - now for the clothing!

Second Step - How to Draw Cartoon T Shirts

Here you can better appreciate the pattern from above. Just lets you mark off the key areas a bit faster and with less frustration - as you've already mapped out distances, etc. ahead of time. And this is especially helpful - when the design - is your focus.

On to the steps...

Drawing the openings on a cartoon t shirt
Completing the top of the cartoon t shirt
Joining the lines of the cartoon t shirt
Adding details to the cartoon t shirt
Drawing of a cartoon t shirt

It's that desk lamp again! Yes - I don't know... I've always liked this character... created it some time ago. But of course - you can add a unique logo/character of your own. Experiment with different looks, colors, etc. And then...

Make it into an actual T Shirt! :-)