How to Draw Cartoon Sharks

Cartoon sharks drawing

Cartoon sharks! In a previous lesson here on the site - we tackled drawing a shark in a very 'normal-looking' pose, much the same as one would appear, swimming through the depths of the ocean.

Here though - and similar to the one you see up top in the header... I'd like to show you how to 'cartoonify' the animal even further, giving it an entirely new look - as well as some character, in the process.

Let's draw!

How to Draw Cartoon Sharks, Step by Step

A look I came up with a long time ago... whenever I draw fish, sharks, whales, dolphins, etc. --- it's fun to have them almost 'sitting' instead of the usual run-of-the-mill 'swimming through the ocean' look.

It's in these situations where we can really get creative - making something look 'other than' *and in a cool way* it's supposed to.

Starting with a simple 'arced' framework...

Framework for drawing cartoon sharks

And then - the lines... beginning with the right eye (and eyebrow!?)... :-)

Drawing the eye of a cartoon shark

Next - come around the the snout and the back of its head...

Drawing the head of a cartoon shark

Now give your shark a big smile. Notice how the framework really just outlines the basic shape of the overall structure. Unlike in other cases, here it's about simplicity --- of course --- get more advanced if you need to.

Whatever works!

Drawing the mouth and fin of a shark

A tail for your shark... following along that arc...

Drawing the tail of a cartoon shark

And next - give your shark a flipper, as well as some definition with respect to just how 'big' (or full!) it is!...

Drawing the side fin and completing the shark's body

Some details... a few key components (other eyelid + mouth area + flipper) --- to really make it look 3D!...

Black and white drawing of a cartoon shark

And color... of course!

Drawing of a cartoon shark

And in the end, we've got something that truly passes for not only a cartoon shark - but one with a unique character and look of its own.

What would be really neat - I think --- is to extend the bone/structure on either side of its head, to make it into a Hammerhead. Give it a go! See how it turns out. Just remember that the left bone/eye extension (its left) will seem smaller and shorter - as it of course would appear further away.

Hey - nice job!