How to Draw a Cartoon Meerkat

Cartoon Meerkat

In this lesson - let's draw a cute, yet devious! little cartoon meerkat - straight out of the savannah, of Botswana, Namibia, and South Africa - in the continent of Africa.

And yes - they're pretty simple to draw - easy enough, that just like in the movie "Pi" - you can draw a whole island full, if you like!

Let's begin. :-)

How to Draw Cartoon Meerkat

OK then, so let's get going - with yet another super-fun (and I *think*)... super easy, cartoon drawing lesson.

I say it's fairly easy - not so much taking the detail into account, in that everything is pretty much straight up and down.

Get the basic shapes and structure, in place - and after that...

Detail away, to your heart's content.

Beginning with a framework...

Cartoon Meerkat Cartoon Meerkat

Initial lines of its head in place - next, go ahead and finish this part off - sketching in your cartoon meerkat's pupils, the top of its head - and its ears.

You can see how everything is based around a simple oval. Pretty simple! :-)

After that, move on down, with a couple swooping arcs of your pencil - to bring forth, its arms...

Cartoon Meerkat Cartoon Meerkat


Now fading what we've already drawn - to grey...

Go ahead and move on down your drawing - bringing into view, the animal's long, ovular body.

Once its legs are in place, sketch in the inner-lying fur - with simple "spikey lines" - similar to how I've done below...

Cartoon Meerkat Cartoon Meerkat

Removing the framework - and all that's left, is the lineart - for a unique-looking brand new cartoon character!

Here it is below - first just the lines... and then, followed up with a unique color pattern.

As always, coloring like this - is even easier, in your favorite computer drawing program, like Gimp or Photoshop...

Cartoon Meerkat Cartoon Meerkat

And there it is - yet another fun and simple, cartoon animal drawing under your belt!

Hope you had fun, drawing this cartoon meerkat - will see you real soon as always...

For another lesson! :-)