How to Draw a Cartoon Iguana

Cartoon iguana drawing

Totally one of my all-time favorite animals, this cartoon iguana drawing lesson was really enjoyable to create. These lizards are so unique-looking... lots of little details - bumps, spikes, stripes, patterns - and also... they take on different looks according to age, male/female, and species.

Given the stretch in boundaries here - with respect to how you can make yours look - this is a really fun way to go about learning how to draw!

Let's get to it...

How to Draw a Cartoon Iguana

A green iguana, takes on a fairly simple structure when viewed from its side like the one we're drawing here. The shapes and lines below - help to bring out its form - as well as those features which make this lizard 'look how it's suppose to'...

Framework for drawing a cartoon iguana

Below - I've gone ahead and sketched in some ideas for how you can go about bringing forth the little spikes along its back - as well as a few other things. Not the arrows - note how the belly of the lizard sort of hangs down from its spine.

Oh - and that big flap of skin hanging from its chin... this indicates that yes - its a male - and yes... it's big!

Adding details to a cartoon iguana framework

In and around the head circle - begin to draw your cartoon iguana. No need to make yours exactly like mine - just look at how 'random' I go about it. It's all about letting those lines sort of 'flow' - and do what they like as you carefully and gradually lay them down on the page in front of you...

Drawing the head of a cartoon iguana

More lines to suggest the eventual shape the lizard takes on - notice that hose parts which ultimately appear closest to the observer - are drawn in first...

Drawing the arms of a cartoon iguana

OK - looking lots more like an iguana now - we're just about read to move 'inward' and bring forth the flap, the stomach, and the under-side of its tail...

Drawing the hands and tail of a cartoon iguana

And here we go - pretty simple when you've already sketched out key points in the drawing - those areas which help us visualize 'what's to come'. I like going about it this way as it helps to stimulate the imagination as you progress - while at the same time - maintaining form and structure - not getting too far away from the 'ideal form' of the animal...

Drawing the body of a cartoon iguana

Detail time!! This part's super fun. Let go here - do your own thing... just look at all the crazy squiggly lines I throw down to 'suggest' that yes - this lizard has lots going on in terms of its scales/scratches/details - all over its body.

In a way - it's like a short cut. Sure - add every little last detail if you like. But in 'cartoon world' - it's neat that we can 'get away' with simplifications like in this lesson! :-)

Black and white drawing of a cartoon iguana

Whoa! That's not how an iguana looks? Is it!?!?! Meh - looks pretty good to me. A glance at a picture of a real iguana - and you can see... I've incorporated ideas from both a green one and an orange one - and on top of this... throwing in my own unique twist.

Do the same! :-)

Drawing of a cartoon iguana

Pretty fun lesson - wasn't it! For sure, and again - it was a blast to create. I hope you enjoyed creating your very own cartoon iguana.

Oh - and Ewa... hope you had fun with this lesson as I know in the last one - you were really hoping to cross a dragon with an iguana. :-)

Til next time!