How to Draw Cartoon Fruit

With a food section already in place, the desire to draw cartoon fruit specifically...

Is definitely high enough to have a category all by itself.

And besides, with so many different kinds, shapes, sizes, colors... it makes for some really fun lessons.

Another thing to add though - with this food in particular, is that it really is easy to draw.

Unlike other subjects, which combine a number of different shapes into one - with these kind of foods, it usually only comes down to a single form.

Like for example...

Cartoon Fruit

A circle.

With so many fruits taking on the form of a simple circle or oval - you'll be drawing all sorts of different kinds, in no time at all.

Of course - not all fruit is so easy to draw.

A banana for example - one which takes the peel into account - as it falls off to the side...

Is going to a bit more difficult to draw than an apple or a watermelon.

But of course, depending on how challenging each lesson is - you'll find it under the appropriate category.

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