Cartoon Candle Step by Step Drawing Lesson

Cartoon candle drawing

Ah yes... the perfect 'elegant' cartoon candle --- that's what we're learning how to draw here. It's the same type that usually has a little dish with a small circular handle off to the side. Add extra details as you see fit.

One part with the lesson that's especially fun - is 'curving in' the melting wax around the top and bottom parts. I've omitted this until the very end - but incorporate these details in the process if you like.

Lighting it up...

First Step - Not Much at All to the Structure of Candle

About a perpendicular intersection - position a rectangle that will of course... serve as the base structure of what we're drawing. It's pretty straight-forward actually... nice and simple as it should be! :-)

Here's the framework...

Drawing a T for a cartoon candle Drawing a rectangle for the framework of a candle

OK then... we've not got a blueprint to work from. Looks good I'd say. Now let's continue with the drawing portion...

Second Step - How to Draw a Cartoon Candle

Just like with the Birthday Cake lesson... we start the drawing in pretty much the same way with respect to our subject. Working from top to bottom - and again... adding that melted wax if you wish at the same time... let's draw it.

Here are the steps...

Drawing an oval for a candle cylinder Completing the sides of the candle Drawing the bottom of the candle Drawing the plate of the candle Drawing the bottom part of the plate Adding a flame to the candle Black and white drawing of a candle Drawing of a cartoon candle

You can immediately see - looking at the images above... that the melting wax really helps to make your drawing look that much better. Revisiting each step - you now have a nice visual for how you 'could have' approached it - the wax taken into account during the process earlier on.

You are done! :-)