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Important Drawing Day Reminder!!
June 04, 2009

Drawing Day 2009
Things You Should Know!


A quick reminder about Drawing Day - I'd just like to go over a few things before-hand (time zones, submitting, prizes!) so that you know exactly what's going on, and how Drawing Day will work...

As you know, Drawing Day is a day to simply 'drop everything' - and draw! Our goal for the entire Internet (and world!) is to see 1 MILLION DRAWINGS created in a single day.

And of course, in doing so -- submitting your drawings to the Drawing Day Gallery & Slide Show at you'll also get the chance to win some nice drawing-related prizes - a Wacom Bamboo graphics tablet, or one of three $15.00 Gift Certificates to Art Supplies.

OK - here's a short & quick list of important points regarding this year's event:

  • While Drawing Day does take place on June 6th - the actual event (all of earth taken into account) will run a bit longer. Why? Time zones! Keep in mind - there is a 24hr time difference between Kirimati (when Drawing Day starts) and Honolulu (when Drawing Day ends). To make things more accommodating - the event will run officially from...

    Friday June 5th @ 12:00pm Eastern Standard Time (EST)


    Sunday June 7th @ 4:00pm Eastern Standard Time (EST)

  • Regarding the submission of drawings - there really is no limit as to how many you can submit. The more the better... that's the whole idea! Please remember though - ensure your drawings are in JPEG format before you upload them. Also, ensure that your drawings appear 'right-side-up' (not sideways or upside-down) when you submit them. This way, they'll look all the better when displayed! :-)

  • Last point - prizes! Prizes will be drawn and announced on Tuesday, June the 9th. In order to claim your prize (if you win!) you need to make sure you submit your real name and email address so that I can easily contact you. To do this, please select the 'Notify me when my contribution has been accepted' option under "Set Notification Options" - while submitting your drawing(s). Then, go ahead and enter your name and email address.

Alright, I think that's about it. Next up - Drawing Day 2009! Let's get ready... I'm looking forward to seeing your drawing(s!) - and to creating as many new lessons as possible for 24 hours on June the 6th!

Jeff :-)

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