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Draw Cartoons Today!, First Issue of 2009 -- Happy New Year!!
January 01, 2009

First Issue of 2009
Happy New Year!!


Well, the new year is officially here! And what better way to kick things off than with a brand new addition of Draw Cartoons Today!

Here's what's covered...

1. Happy New Year!!

2. In the News: Creativity Portal

3. Drawing Tip: Making Mistakes

4. Cool Stuff: Mr. Picasso Head!

5. New Lessons for New Year's!

Alright then. Let's get started with a bit of a reflection on 2008, as well as a glance ahead at what's in store for the coming 365 days...

1. Happy New Year!!

Yes - the new year is definitely upon us. 2009 has officially arrived and so again... a very Happy New Year to you!

How to Draw Cartoons

I've gotta say, seeing things progress on the site the way they did in 2008 really is something. Lessons, lesson categories, and other features too.... things worked out extremely well.

But I have to say, it's the comments and feedback from everyone that really do help to make the site a success.

E-mails and 'Your Thoughts' form entries combined - the input helped out a great deal, and I definitely have some really good ideas for the kinds of lessons, categories, and other unique & dynamic features that will be added to the site, moving into 2009.

What can I say! It's been a blast being able to help so many people with these drawing lessons like this. I'm really excited about this coming year as there's so much more to come! :-)

2. In the News: Creativity Portal

If you don't know about it already, is an excellent resource on the web, jam-packed will all sorts of creative and inspiring material - everything from drawing to painting to balloon art!

Cool Drawing Sites Creativity Portal

The site was created by Chris Dunmire, and I really have to say -- she's really done an excellent job.

Quite recently, Chris invited me to take part in the Creativity Portal Author Series, an area on the site where creatively inspired people contribute articles on a variety of different subjects. Drawing and cartoons, being my 'cup of tea'... I was very happy to make a contribution! :-)

Right now, you can view an introductory article up on the site, talking about getting into drawing with cartoons. Click here to check it out.

3. Drawing Tips: Making Mistakes

Point Number 3 - 'Drawing Tips', is a new section I've decided to add to Draw Cartoons Today! I think this will be helpful, as there are tons of neat little tips and tricks, that once discovered - really can make all the difference when it comes to improving at drawing.

Cartoon Answers

The idea for the first tip, 'Making Mistakes' - came from a very recent question posted on 'Cartoon! Answers'. Thanks for your question Chelsea! :-)

Basically, Chelsea was asking - What do you do if you make mistakes when drawing with a pen?

To answer, I'd first like to recommend - not to get too caught up with erasing all of your mistakes. Even if you're using a pencil, it's important to keep on going with the drawing at hand. Making mistakes is a good thing, as the more you make - the more you'll learn, and the better you'll get!

The real magic comes through repetition. It's when you draw the same or similar thing, a number of times - improving with each new mistake you make and trial you take on, that true improvement can be seen.

So next time you're drawing... whether it be using a pencil, a pen or a marker, continue all the way through without worrying so much about the mistakes you make. And if you're really not satisfied with your drawing - start over!

Think of it this way... if you were learning something else besides drawing (musical instrument, a new language, a skill in a sport), there's no going back to fix a mistake once you've made it. It's in the next 'practice session' though, where in learning from your last mistake - you'll have obtained new knowledge of what not to do, or what you can do better. And this only leads to improvement.

Make lots of mistakes! And get better at drawing in the process! :-)

Got a Question About Drawing? Ask it Here!

4. Cool Stuff: Mr. Picasso Head!

If you can remember in the last issue of Draw Cartoons Today!, there was a bit on 'Draw my thing.' an online community-based, 'Pictionary-style' drawing game. And for sure... it's pretty darn cool!

Mr. Picasso Head

Well, to continue in the spirit of 'cool drawing stuff' with regards to drawing, I'm going to keep this as an ongoing part of the the newsletter as well. And so, let's have a look at something else I stumbled upon recently... Mr. Picasso Head!

This is actually really fun to play around with. With an interface similar to's 'Art Pad', Mr. Picasso Head is a neat little online drawing site that lets you make your very own 'Picassoish-style' artwork. And also just like Art Pad, there are a number of different tool bar features to help you make a truly unique creation.

All in all, Mr. Picasso Head is cool, fun, and very original too!

Click here to check it out.

5. New Lessons for New Year's!

Holiday Cartoons Party Hat Drawing

Wrapping up the first issue of Draw Cartoons Today! for the new year, here are three brand new lessons - each geared towards the obvious event - bringing in the new year!...

Seasonal Cartoons:

  1. Create a 'Top Hat Style' New Year's Party Hat
  2. How to Draw a Party Horn
  3. How to Draw Cartoon Fireworks

And so concludes our first newsletter for 2009.

In the coming days, be on the lookout for some exciting new additions to the site: lessons, categories, and more!

Until next time... Happy Drawing!

Jeff :-)

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