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Draw Cartoons Today!, Issue #012 -- Cartoon! Answers & Art Tips
December 16, 2008

Issue #012 -- Cartoon! Answers & Art Tips

Here in Issue #12 of Draw Cartoons Today!, check out the two new site additions: 'Cartoon! Answers' and 'Your Cartoon Drawing & Art Tips'.

Here's what's covered...

1. Cartoon! Answers

2. Your Cartoon Drawing & Art Tips

3. Draw my thing. - A Very Fun Game!

4. New Lessons

To start things off, a word about the new Cartoon! Answers page...

1. Cartoon! Answers

One of the great things about building a website - especially when the subject's something you love... is receiving feedback.

Over time, there have been lots of different questions and comments related to drawing cartoons. And while it's awesome being able to E-mail back and forth, I thought it might be even better to make this relaying of information - interactive.

On the new Cartoon! Answers page, feel free to ask a question about anything you like, so long as it's related to drawing cartoons. When I receive your question, I'll do my best to answer it, as soon as I get a chance.

Then, once answered -- the information will be posted live on the net, similar to how drawings are posted in the Visitors' Gallery. Once a question/answer combo is live, other visitors (you!) can respond using the comment form, or if you like... further help in answering the question by offering your own 'two cents'.

Here's a link to the Cartoon! Answers section:

Cartoon! Answers

2. Your Cartoon Drawing & Art Tips

On December 1st, you probably noticed a mention about a new section soon-to-be-added area to the site. The idea was to have an area where drawers could offer tips and advice on a number of different drawing related topics.

Well, the results from the survey are in and we've now got a whole new section for interactive sharing and learning, along the lines of drawing and cartooning!

And before we continue... thank you for the suggestions! :-)

Alright then. Here are the nine categories in the new 'Your Cartoon Drawing & Art Tips' section:

1. Animal Drawing Tips (Whatever you'd like to share!)
2. People Drawing Tips (Figure, Caricatures, Body Parts, etc.)
3. Car Drawing Tips (If you can drive it - you can draw it!)
4. Manga Drawing Tips (Anime too!)
5. 'Thing' Drawing Tips (Furniture, clothing... THINGS!)
6. Creature Drawing Tips (Dragons, monsters, etc.)

7. Pencil Drawing Tips (All about using a pencil)
8. Coloring Tips (How do you color your drawings?)
9. Shading Tips (Tips for shade and shadow)

The idea with the this new 'Art Tips' section, is to help and be helped. If you find something helpful, consider returning the favor by offering a tip of your own.

There's always something new to experience when it comes to drawing, and this goes whether you're learning, sharing or showing.

To check it out, here's the link...

Your Cartoon Drawing & Art Tips

3. Draw my thing. - A Very Fun Game!

A little while ago, I stumbled upon one of THE MOST fun (and also very addicting!) Internet games I'd ever played. And to make things even better -- this game was about drawing. :-)

If you haven't yet played iminlikewithyou's 'Draw my thing.', I'd say you're in for a real treat. Basically, it work's like this...

Just like Pictionary, in this online interactive multiplayer game, you're given an image of something to draw using your mouse or graphics tablet. As the clock ticks away, other people you're playing against, attempt to guess what it is you're drawing. There are points both for guessing what it is a person is drawing, as well as drawing something well enough so that people can guess it. Makes for some good practice!

Aside from the obvious cool fact that you get draw and play a game simultaneously, the point system really gives this game a competetive edge - so much that it can be rather hard to pull yourself away.

You can play the game right now at just follow this link:

Play 'Draw my thing.'

4. New Lessons

Alright, let's take a look at the new lessons up on the site. Here they are, sorted by category:

Cartoon Crow

Seasonal & Christmas Cartoons:
Stocking, 'Crafty Santa Drawing', Santa Head

Football Helmet, Basketball Cartoons, Hockey Goalie, Golf Clubs

To check out the new lessons, click on any of the links below...

Cartoon Animals

Christmas Cartoons

Sports Cartoons

Well, that's all for this issue. Next time it'll be a whole new year!

For sure though, do make use of the new Cartoon! Answers feature, and again - if you've got a tip or two to share, please make a contribution in the new 'Your Tips' section.

Have a safe and happy holiday & new year!

Jeff :-)

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