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Draw Cartoons Today!, Issue #010 -- MORE Lessons!
November 15, 2008

Issue #010 - MORE Lessons!

Time for another update - and an important one at that!

Draw Cartoons Today!, as of December 1st, 2008 will be changing and I feel it's important to explain to you exactly how. This along with some other exciting news in Issue #10.

Here's what's covered...

1. Draw Cartoons Today! is Changing (in a good way) :-)

2. A Brand New Gallery

3. Other New Additions to the Site

4. New Lessons for 'Everyday' October and November

And to begin, a very special and important notice regarding this very newsletter - Draw Cartoons Today!...

1. Draw Cartoons Today! is Changing

First up, a rather special and important notice regarding the future of Draw Cartoons Today!.

Since January 1st, 2008, I've been sending this newsletter out on a monthly basis. And yes - this worked out rather well. Still, I really think it would be beneficial to increase the frequency of which it's sent and received.

As the site continues to grow and expand -- with new lessons and new categories -- I'd like to get them to you sooner than now.

The solution?

New lessons - delivered to your E-mail - twice every month! :-)

I think this will be especially helpful to you as this way, you'll never ever miss out on a single lesson and you'll always have new ones to look forward to much sooner than before.

More lessons means more practice and more practice leads to improvement. And really, that's what it's all about.

And so, from December 1st, 2008 - Draw Cartoons Today! will be sent out twice every month - once on the 1st day, and again on the 15th day.

2. A Brand New Gallery

Visiting the Cartoon Drawing Gallery section of the site, immediately you'll notice - there have been some changes.

For one - instead of eight categories, there are fifteen. And yes, more can be added... just fill out the form at the bottom of the main gallery page to suggest a new one that you think would work out well.

Here's a list of the current gallery categories:

  1. Animals
  2. Anime & Manga - Original Artwork
  3. Anime & Manga - FAN ART
  4. Original Cartoon Characters
  5. Dragons
  6. Famous Cartoon Characters
  7. Fantasy
  8. Gaming
  9. Monsters
  10. Movies
  11. People
  12. Sci-Fi
  13. Sports
  14. TV
  15. Miscellaneous

See a category you like? Got a drawing you think would add to one of these areas? Great! Head on over to the Cartoon Drawing Gallery and make a contribution.

Oh - and while you're there... be sure to leave a few kind words - constructive feedback too!, for our current visitors' submissions. It's amazing how far the simple recognition of a job well done will go. :-)

I'm looking forward to seeing your work and reading through your comments!

Click here to check out the new Cartoon Drawing Gallery!

3. Other New Additions to the Site

Aside from the 30+ new lessons (soon to be mentioned) over the last month and a half - there are also a few other new additions to the site. For example...

If you go to the 'Drawing Tips' section, you'll find a new tip. There, I talk about how pretty much anything and everything we see and draw - can be broken down into simple shapes. Sure, there's more to it than that, but check it out... I really think you'll find the examples to be helpful.

Something else - Drawing Books! The Books section should also be helpful to you. Basically, whenever I come across a neat drawing book - one I think will be of help to you... I'll post it there, along with a review. Right now, there's one book mentioned -- 'Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain'.

Anything else? Yes! New categories. You'll see that there are two new categories: Cartoon Sports and Cartoon Trees & Plants.

Click on the links below to view these new additions to the site...

Drawing Tips

Drawing Books

Cartoon Sports

Cartoon Trees & Plants

4. New Lessons for 'Everday' October and November

As mentioned in the previous issue, the month of October was actually 'Everyday October' with at least one new drawing lesson added every single day.

Thirty-one lessons as my goal, in the end it worked out even better with almost forty!!

Here's a list of all the new lessons on the site since the beginning of October:

Cartoon Animals
Elephant, Rabbit, Bat, Fox, Tigers, Giraffe, Bear, Cows, Chicken, Turkey, Moose, Hippo, Ducks, Puppy, Crocodile, Gecko, Shark, Snail and Panda

Cartoon Dinosaurs

Cartoon Dragons
Fell Beast

Cartoon Elements
Rainbow and Lightning

Cartoon Food
Sandwich, Hot Dog, Steak, Sushi, Kimchi and Chinese Takeout

Cartoon Monsters
Zombie, Devil and Mummy

Cartoon People
Princess, Wizard and Superheroes

Cartoon Sports
Soccer Ball

Cartoon Things
Car, Computer, Pencil, Castle and Guitar

Cartoon Trees & Plants
Simple Tree, Palm Tree, Cactus and Bamboo

Fantasy Drawings
Fairy and Phoenix

Halloween Cartoons
Pumpkin Faces, Skeleton, Witch and those from the Monster section mentioned above.

To check out the new lessons at the site, go ahead and click on the following link...

Visit the site and draw cartoons!

And there you have it, another lesson-packed issue of Draw Cartoons Today!.

Now before we take to the drawing board, there's one final thing I'd like to say.

December 1st marks the One-Year Anniversary of since its official launch on December 1st, 2007. Be on the lookout for something unique on that day. :-)

Until next time (which will be much sooner than usual)...

Happy Drawing!

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