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Draw Cartoons Today!, Issue #009 -- 'Everyday' October!
September 30, 2008

Issue #009 - 'Everyday' October!

Greetings fellow cartoon drawers!

A month has passed and with it - lots of new lessons have sprung up on the site, two new lesson categories included.

Here's what this issue of Draw Cartoons Today! covers:

1. 'Everyday' October: A New Lesson Everyday! :-O

2. Two New Lesson Categories

3. New Lessons for September

OK, first - how about a special announcement regarding the month of October...

1. 'Everyday' October: A New Lesson Everyday! :-O

Well, October is only a day away. And for me, this can only mean one thing... Halloween is fast approaching! :-)

Straight to the point, Halloween is easily one of my favorite holidays. And so, I thought it would neat to bring on the holiday with lots of new drawing lessons.

Lots? What exactly do I mean by lots?...

Well, I've decided to aim for at least one new drawing lesson for everyday of the month! Some lessons will be Halloween/Monster-related... and of course - lessons for the other categories on the site too.

So what do you think? Think it's doable? Well, let's find out! Be sure to visit the site everyday this month - lots of new drawing lessons await!

Which reminds me... new Halloween Cartoons!

2. Two New Lesson Categories

The time had finally come... time for two new (and much anticipated according to the 'Vote' survey) cartoon drawing lesson categories.

I'll just say it -- Fantasy Cartoons was easily the most popular choice for a new category. And with the dragons section already in place, it only made sense to have a separate section for things like unicorns, elves, etc.

Next up, a category for things. What things? Well, anyTHING and everyTHING really. Basically, this section all comes down to drawing everyday objects - houses, cars, computers, pencils, and much, much more. Plan on seeing a car drawing lesson very soon - it's next up in the 'Cartoon Things' area of the site.

Aside from these two new categories, please know that I'm constantly checking the 'Your Thoughts' survey are of the site as it gives me a nice idea as to what kinds of things you want to see and draw.

Your input is very helpful and much appreciated... thank you! :-)

To check out the two newest lesson categories, please click on one of the following two links...

Fantasy Cartoons

Cartoon Things

3. New Lessons for September

Here's a list of new cartoon drawing lessons for September...

Cartoon Baby Drawing Lesson

Buzzing Cartoon Bee

Cartoon Mouse Drawing Lesson

Draw a Cartoon Dolphin

Drawing of a Unicorn

Draw a Cartoon Eagle

Horse Drawings Made Easy!

Draw a Griffin

Drawing a Cartoon Elephant

Cartoon Rabbit Drawing Lesson

A Cartoon House to Call Home!

Create Vampire Drawings

Create Grim Reaper Drawings

Mystical Fairy Drawings

Well, it's time to gear up!

Starting tomorrow, expect to see a brand new lesson, followed by thirty more - one for every single day of the month of October.

Jeff :-)

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