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Draw Cartoons Today!, Issue #008 -- Brand New Look!
August 30, 2008

Issue #008 - Brand New Look!

Hello once again!

It's been a while since the last newsletter as I've been busy making some changes to the site.

And now, I'm happy to say - it's got a fresh new look! Here's an overview of Draw Cartoons Today!, Issue #8:

1. Brand New Look!

2. Drawing Cartoons with Frameworks

3. New Lessons for July & August

First off, a word about the new look!...

1. Brand New Look!

So, have you seen the new site? I spent some time over the past two months making some changes. Only a few minor adjustments left, but for the most part - I'd say it's pretty much complete.

You'll notice the 'What's New?' area is back up - an easy way to check out the newest additions to the site.

Something else to note... you'll now find a 'Spread the Word' area a couple boxes down the right side of the page. I included this as I think it can really help the site grow by recommending it through,, and is especially cool as it's a great place to quickly and easily review the coolest sites on the net!

So please, if you get a chance... take the time to recommend the site. Your support is greatly appreciated! :-)

Aside from this, I'm sure you'll come across some other changes as well - both now and in the future, as I'm always trying to improve things.

Click on the following link to check out the new site...

Click here to see the Brand New Look!

2. Drawing Cartoons with Frameworks

There's a new addition to the 'Drawing Tips' section -- Drawing Cartoons with Frameworks.

Actually, it serves as an extension to the three newest drawing lessons on the site - Cats, Birds and Dogs.

Basically, having completed your very own generic cartoon cat, bird or dog, you can then check out this new drawing tip to better appreciate how one framework (a simple arrangement of basic shapes) can in fact yield a number of different cats, birds, dogs - or whatever it is you're drawing.

Of course, using frameworks isn't the 'end-all-be-all' way to draw. In fact, there isn't any one true way -- many people like different techniques. Still, I think frameworks can really be helpful - especially to someone just starting out as they help to establish proportion early on, and let you focus more on being creative.

And of course -- being creative is what drawing is all about!

Click on the link below to explore this new drawing tip...

Draw Cartoons with Frameworks!

3. New Lessons for July & August

Here's a list of new cartoon drawing lessons for the months of July and August...

Cute & Coiled Cartoon Snake

Draw Cartoon Pigs. That Can Fly!

Cartoon Sheep Drawing Lesson

New Christmas Cartoon Lessons

Drawing Cartoon Cats

Drawing Cartoon Birds

Drawing Cartoon Dogs

Moving into the fall, I'm really excited to get back to creating lots more drawings lessons - especially those based on the many recommendations in the 'Your Thoughts' section of the site.

So get out your pencils, pens, tablets... which ever -- and get ready to draw!

Happy Drawing!

Jeff :-)

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