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Draw Cartoons Today!, Issue #007 -- Draw Cartoons!
July 04, 2008

Issue #007 - Draw Cartoons!

Hello fellow cartoon drawers,

Some new and exciting changes have taken effect over at the site. There's a new 'Web 2.0' feature, a new lesson category, and of course... new cartoon drawing lessons!

Here's a brief overview of what's covered in this issue:

1. Draw Cartoons! Contribute to the Gallery

2. Halloween!

3. New Video Lesson Section

4. New Lessons for June

And so, let's begin with something that's very appropriate... YOUR Cartoon Drawing Gallery...

1. Draw Cartoons! Contribute to the Gallery

A Gallery? Yes, that's exactly right! And guess what... it's YOUR Gallery!

One of the newest additions to the site is the new and improved, Cartoon Drawing Gallery - a place for anyone and everyone who loves drawing cartoons to upload and display their work for all the world to see. And yes... that means you! :-)

In light of the success of the Drawing Day event (more than 100 drawings in one day!), I decided to go ahead and make the gallery not just a permanent feature on the site, but also - an interactive feature.

Now, when you upload your drawings, not only are they displayed in a slide show, but also... they get their very own 'gallery pages' - individual web pages that become part of

And that's not all...

Once your drawing 'goes live' in the slide show and on the site, it will then be open for comments and rating, something that can be really helpful when it comes to feedback about your work. And even better still, all submissions, comments and ratings are reviewed by myself BEFORE any submission, comment or rating is added to the site.

And no worries - as long as you put some effort into your drawings, and as long as it's tasteful too, it WILL be accepted!

Something else I'd like to add - the gallery really is for everyone and anyone who loves to draw. It's really not about what style you use or how skilled you are... not at all. Nope, this is about drawing and showcasing your work because you love to draw - plain and simple. So get creative and do your best! :-)

Right now, there are eight categories to choose from: Animals, Dinosaurs, Dragons, Elements, Flowers, Food, Monsters, and People. And some time down the road, once it grows bigger - I'd like to add a couple more as well.

And so, I invite you to create and upload your drawings to the gallery. Draw whatever you like... put some effort into it... color it if you want - and display it for all the world to see!

Click here to check out the Cartoon Drawing Gallery

2. Halloween!

Looks like Halloween has come early this year - four months early to be exact!

Actually, the new 'Suggest a Category' form has been extremely helpful in helping me decide upon future areas to add to the site. There have been many requests for Halloween, not just from the form - but from emails too. Yep... it was a MUST DO!

And it's up and ready to tackle now. You'll notice there are a couple new lessons quite fitting for the topic... a ghost and a jack-o-lantern.

To check out the new Halloween Cartoons section, please click on the following link:

Visit the Halloween Cartoons Section

3. New Video Lesson Section

Videos truly are an excellent way to learn how to draw.

While the step by step drawings are good as they allow you to draw at your own pace with all the steps explained... videos are great because they help to reinforce each idea as you get to see something drawn live, right in front of your eyes.

Right now, there's a Cartoon Rose lesson up and ready for viewing. This is different than the previous video lessons as instead of using a computer program to show you the drawing, this time I'm drawing in simple 'pencil & paper style'.

A big fan of feedback, I set up a form below the video. Please, take a look and let me know what you think. Your comments will surely help to make high quality (and quantity) videos. For example...

- Was it helpful? How so?

- Do you prefer talking, silence, or background music?

- How can the video be improved?

To view and comment on the first video, please follow the link:

View the Cartoon Rose Video

4. New Lessons for June

Here's a list of nine new cartoon drawing lessons for the month of June. As you can see... the Cartoon Dinosaur section is growing!...

Draw Cartoon Aliens

Draw a Tyrannosaurus Rex

Draw a Cartoon Hydra

Simple Cartoon Ghost

How to Draw a Stegosaurus

Mighty Flighty Pterodactyl

Draw a Multi-Horned Triceratops

Create a Towering Apatosaurus

Jack O Lantern Drawing

Well, that concludes another issue of Draw Cartoons Today!.

As we move into July, keep an eye out for more cartoon drawing lessons, beginning with two new animals... a cartoon snake and a cartoon pig.

And before I sign off, again - please upload a drawing to the gallery. Can't wait to see your work!

Happy Drawing!

Jeff :-)

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