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Draw Cartoons Today!, Issue #001 -- Happy New Year!
January 01, 2008

Issue #001 - Happy New Year!

Hi there,

Thank you once again for signing up for Draw Cartoons Today!

I hope you've been enjoying the site. It's really exciting how fast the site's grown and I can't wait to create many more cartoon drawing lessons!

Since December 1st, 2007 (the official launch day of the site), there have been several new additions...

A Simple Cartoon Santa

The holiday season has arrived! Start the fun and festivities by learning how to draw a cartoon Santa!

Cartoon Santa

A Cute Little Cartoon Turtle

A cute little cartoon turtle just for you. In only a few very simple steps, have one all for yourself!

Cartoon Turtle

How to Draw Sunflowers

Sunflowers always seem to make people happy. See for yourself. Just like the cartoon rose lesson, learning how to draw sunflowers is a piece of cake!

How to Draw Sunflowers

Holiday Cartoons

Create holiday cartoons! Here, you'll learn how to draw a variety of different things to boost your artistic ability for a variety of different holidays!

Holiday Cartoons

Cartoon Christmas Tree

Putting up the Christmas tree is a lot of fun. But it doesn't stop there... when you're finished, learn how to draw a cartoon Christmas tree!

Cartoon Christmas Tree

So what's next then at

To be frank with you... lots! As we venture into the new year, expect to see lots of new and exciting cartoon drawing lessons.

Also, plan on seeing the site expand into some other areas that are related to drawing cartoons. Anything extra, that's helpful to you - I'm sure will be a nice bonus!

Well, that's about all for now. Don't forget to keep checking the site for new lessons and updates. Oh, and if you have any questions or ideas, please don't hesitate to contact me!

Wishing you all and only the best in the new year!

Jeff :-)

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