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Draw Spongebob, Batman & More! -- > Draw Cartoons Today!, Issue #15
March 31, 2009

Issue #15
Cartoon Characters & More!


Things have been really picking up on the site these days with lots of new drawing lessons, as well as a few new categories too. Also, there's a new book on the way focusing on Cartoon Animals & Character Creation.

Here's what's new...

The past month really has been a lot of fun. You'll notice that aside from many new lessons, you can find a few new categories as well: Anime & Manga, Cars, Famous Cartoon Characters, Superheroes, and Star Wars. In each section, you'll find at least a couple new drawing lessons.

Also, I've been working away at a drawing book that focuses on Cartoon Animals & Cartoon Character Creation. I don't want to spoil the surprise, but I really think you'll enjoy it when it's finished. It'll surely be helpful in taking your animal drawings to another level, as well as coming up with your own unique cartoon characters. I'm aiming to have it finished this June.

Alright, here's a list of the newest lessons up on the site!

These are the newest lessons up on the site. To go to the lesson, simply click on the image (or link) and the page will open up in a new window...

How to Draw Stewie

How to Draw Stewie
Learn how to draw Stewie Griffin from Seth MacFarlane's hit TV show - Family Guy!

How to Draw Bart

How to Draw Bart Simpson
In this character drawing lesson, learn how to draw Bart Simpson from yes - The Simpsons!

How to Draw Mario

How to Draw Mario
Seriously, who doesn't love Mario!? Exactly. Everyone loves him! And now -- let's draw him! :-)

How to Draw Spongebob

How to Draw Spongebob
Do you absolutely love Spongebob Squarepants? Perfect! Check out this lesson and learn to draw him!

How to Draw Hello Kitty

How to Draw Hello Kitty
Hello Kitty, one of the cutest cartoon characters ever, is fairly simple to draw. Learn how here!

How to Draw Snoopy

How to Draw Snoopy
In this simple cartoon drawing lesson, let's pay homage to the most famous beagle on the planet, Snoopy!

How to Draw Sonic

How to Draw Sonic
Sonic the Hedgehog is one of the coolest gaming characters of all time. Here's a simple way to draw him.

Cartoon Animals How to Draw a Koala

How to Draw a Koala
Drawing a koala is really easy. Here, draw two similar koalas - both mother and baby.

Cartoon Animals Cartoon Manatee

Draw a Cartoon Manatee
Learning how to draw a manatee really is easy due to their simple basic shape. Do so here!

Cartoon Animals How to Draw Dogs

How to Draw Dogs
Drawing dogs is tons of fun. Here, learn how to draw a dog that most resembles a Great Dane.

Cartoon Animals How to Draw Cats

How to Draw Cats
Here's another lesson focused on drawing cats. Have some fun as you bring your own unique cat to life!

How to Draw Chibi

How to Draw Chibi Characters
Learn how to draw your very own unique chibi character - big head, little body, shiny eyes, and all! :-)

How to Draw Manga Eyes

Create Your Own 'Manga-Style' Eyes
In this lesson, learn how to draw four different sets of manga-style eyes - both male and female versions.

How to Draw a Ferrari

How to Draw a Ferrari
Cool sports car? That's easy! Ferrari Testarossa!! And on that note, let's draw one.

How to Draw a Lamborghini

How to Draw a Lamborghini
Learn how to draw a simplified Lamborghini, as it would look when viewed from the side.

Cartoon Dragons How to Draw Dragons

How to Draw Dragons
Learn how to draw dragons - simple, cartoony, and flying through the air like the one here.

Cartoon Dragons How to Draw Dragon

Draw a Green Dragon
Learn to draw a green dragon, one that has a unique ability to poison its enemies in battle!

Cartoon heroes How to Draw Batman

How to Draw Batman
Check it out. Learn how to draw the Dark Knight himself in this super-simple cartoon batman lesson!

Cartoon Heroes How to Draw Spiderman

Learn to Draw Spiderman
It's your favorite friendly neighborhood superhero... Spiderman! Learn how to draw him here.

How to Draw a Lightsaber

How to Draw a Lightsaber
Draw the lightsaber that Luke Skywalker used to finally bring balance to the force, and peace in the galaxy.

How to Draw Darth Vader

How to Draw Darth Vader
In this IMPRESSIVE Star Wars drawing lesson, learn how to draw the Dark Sith Lord himself -- Darth Vader.

How to Draw Swords

How to Draw Swords
Learn how to draw four cool-looking cartoon swords: two-handed, gladiator, pirate and the katana!

And there you have it! I really hope you find these lessons to be helpful. While it's tons of fun for me to create them, it's even more enjoyable to hear and know how they helped you out.

Be sure to check back every now and then... there's lots more on the way!

Jeff :-)

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